Paul Steele, CRM, CAWC, CIC, ACRA

Paul Steele, CRM, CAWC, CIC, ACRA

Agency Principal, President

Team Member since 2005

Paul is a Nashville native and a graduate of MBA high school and Vanderbilt University. Shortly after college, Paul started with Martin & Zerfoss as a risk advisor. He currently serves as an Agency Principal and President of Martin & Zerfoss.

As a Certified Risk Manager and a Certified Insurance Counselor, he takes a proactive approach to consult with his clients on risk management topics such as employee relations, disaster planning and general business goals. His clients will find that he is always available and eager to help in any situation.

The Best Part of My Job
“I am vested in understanding my clients and how their businesses run. I love working with them, not just for their insurance needs, but for the overall success of their company.”

On The Side
“I enjoy golf, a cold beer and most of all hanging with my three daughters and spending time with my wife.”